Diamond set wedding rings by Faller

18ct yellow or rose gold or platinum wedding rings custom made by Faller in a variety of widths and sizes and profiles.  Our wedding rings are best tried on to experience the comfort fit and see which width is most complimentary.

About our wedding rings . . .

Complimentary wedding ring engraving service.

free inside ring engraving, platinum, palladium, 18ct gold

With any purchase of wedding rings, we offer a free inside ring engraving service. While most prefer simply each other’s names and the wedding date, other more personal messages are possible. We use the latest laser engraving technology to produce elegant engraving that will last a lifetime. If you have something special to inscribe make sure you text or email us your wording so that spelling is correct. Not sure?  – Check out the suggestions below for inspiration.

Please Note:
This service is free for inscriptions under 30 characters.

Hook, line & sinker
Happy now? Good.
See how much I love you
Why is this ring off?
Worth the wait
Your love is better than ice cream!
Yes, I still love you

A perfect fit
Always and all ways
Bound to an angel
By your side
Circle of love
Come what may
Committed to you
Constant and true
Every day I love you more
Everlasting love
Faithful & True
Finally complete
For all days
For love so sweet
Forever in my heart
Forever more
From this day forward

From this moment on
Given with faith, hope and love
Happily ever after
Heart · Mind · Body · Soul ·
Here is my heart, guard it well
His (wife’s ring) / Hers (husband’s ring)
How do I love thee
I belong to you – You belong to me
In God and thee my joy shall be
I found love, & love was you
Joined in love
Love conquers all
Love, honour, cherish
My eternal devotion
My one and only
My one true love
Never in doubt
Never to part
No deeper love than thine
S. W. A. L. K.
The other half of me is you
This day and always
Til death do us part
To have and to hold
To the moon and back
Today . Tomorrow  .  Forever
Two bodies, one heart
We are one
With you I belong
Yin / Yang
You are my everything
Yours only

A mhuirnínMy darling/My dear
A stórMy love
Mo Anam CaraMy soulmate
Gra Dilseacht CairdeasLove Loyalty Friendship
Gra go deoLove forever
Is tú mo ghráYou are my love
Mo ghrá thúYou are my love
A chuisle mo chroíMy heart’s beloved
Mo chuisleMy darling
Is tú mo roghaYou are my chosen one

Mon amour – My love
Je t’aime – I love you
Je t’adore – I adore you
Tu es ma joie de vivre – You are the joy of my life
Mon amour pour toi est eternel – My love for you is eternal
Mon coeur est a vous – You have my heart
Tu es mon amour – You are my love

15th Century French

En bien aimer – To encircle with love
Por tous jours – For All Days
A vila mon coeur gardi li mo! – Here is my heart, guard it well!
Autre ne vueil – No One But You
Une dezir – My one desire
Par grant amour – For my greatest love


Amore mioMy love
Ti amoI love you
Tu sei una stella…la mia stellaYou are a star…my star
Sto cadendo nell’amore con voiI am falling in love with you
Non posso vivere senza voiI can’t live without you
Il mio cuore è per voiMy heart is for you
Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempreMy heart is yours forever
Gradisco voi di più e più I like you more and more
La mia stella brillante!My shining star!
Al mio amoreTo my darling
Ti amo con tutta l’animaI love you with all my heart
Un milione di baciLove and kisses
Vivo per leiI live for her

Te quieroI love you
Te amoI love you
Amor a primera vistalove at first sight
Amor míomy love
Te quiero con toda mi almaI love you with all my soul
Te quiero con todo mi corazónI love you with all my heart
Quiero estar contigo para siempreI want to be with you forever

Ich liebe dich – I love you
Ich liebe Dich immer mehr – I love you more and more
Du bist mein ein und alles – You are everything to me
Mein Herz gehört Dir, nur Dir – My heart belongs to you
Wir gehören zusammen – We belong to each other
Du bist mein Leben – You are my life

Myn genyst – (Old German) My heart


Kocham cię – I love you (Polish)

Я тебя люблю I love you (Russian)
С любовью – With love (Russian)
моя судьба – You are my destiny (Russian)

百年好合 – Happily ever after (Chinese)
花好月圆 – Blissful harmony (Chinese)

Amor vincit omnia – Love conquers all (Latin)
Deus nos iunxit – God joined us (Latin)
Pari passu – With equal step (Latin)
Semper amemus – Let us love always (Latin)
Semper fidelis – Always faithful (Latin)

Mizpah – God watch between us when we are absent from one another (Hebrew, Genesis 31:48-49)
Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li – I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine (Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16: )


Fingerprint engraving

18ct gold wedding ring, custom engraving, fingerprint engarving, inside ring engraving by Faller, palladium wedding ring, personalisation, platinum wedding ring, unque ring, wedding ring engravingFor an extra £30, create a truly unique wedding ring by adding your fiancee’s fingerprint to the inner surface of the ring.  We use the latest laser engraving technology to produce stunning results that will last a lifetime. Call to our shop where you simply press your finger onto our ink-print pad and then onto a white piece of paper. This print is then used for your engraving.

Please Note:
To create a fingerprint engraving with enough detail to be interesting we recommend that the minimum ring width is 4mm. Wider rings will be even more effective. Contact Us for more details

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